“The Travelers”

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Lee Mingwei (the “Artist”) and MOCA (collectively, the “Project Administrators”, “we”, “our”) are undertaking an artistic initiative, entitled “The Travelers”, which is intended as a community arts collaboration that explores the topic of personal journeys, for which an individual author (the “Author(s)”, “you”, “your”) will (i) be provided the opportunity to submit their personal accounts (each a “Story”, collectively the “Stories”), written in the Author’s own handwriting, within red notebooks specifically designed by the Artist and (ii) be encouraged to submit their Story in a red notebook received during a visit to MOCA with the intention of circulating that particular notebook to other potential Authors to submit their Story(ies) in each such Author’s own handwriting (the “Project”). The Project will culminate in an evocative installation and exhibition by the Artist, with all of the Stories accumulated into a set of one hundred (100) red notebooks (the “Work”) for public exhibition and access.

In order to participate in the Project, each individual Author will be required to provide (i) his/her Story, (ii) photos to accompany his/her Story (collectively, the “Author Content”) and (iii) certain Personal Information (as defined in the Privacy Policy) including, but not limited to, autobiographical details such as the Author’s geographical location.

  1. License Grant. The Author hereby grants to the Project Administrators and the Project Administrators hereby accept, a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable right and license to use, reproduce, publish, perform, display, reformat and create derivative works of any Author Content (including, any Story, whether in whole or in part) solely for the purpose of public exhibition, promotion and fundraising initiatives, in any or all mediums, now known or hereafter developed, as determined by the Project Administrators in their sole discretion including, but not limited to, this Site, any website owned and/or operated by the Artist, social networking sites, etc. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing contained herein shall (a) preclude an Author from using, reproducing, performing or displaying the Author Content submitted in connection with the Project or (b) restrict an Author from granting to any third party the right or license to use, reproduce, perform or display the Author Content.
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      • infringe or otherwise abet or encourage the infringement or violation of any third party's copyright, patent, trademarks, trade secret or other proprietary right, including rights of publicity or privacy, or any other third party rights;
      • misrepresent Author or Author’s affiliation with any person or entity;
      • violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation ;
      • be defamatory, libelous, unlawfully threatening or unlawfully harassing;
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    2. The Author hereby represents, warrants and agrees that the Author Content is exclusive and original and that the Author is solely responsible for and has, prior to participating in the Project, procured and maintained all rights, authorizations, licenses and clearances associated with the Author’s participation in the Project as permitted under this Agreement.
    3. The Project Administrators reserve the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against any Author who, in their sole discretion, violates, or is suspected of violating, these representation and warranties, including, without limitation, reporting the Author to law enforcement authorities. Further, the Author acknowledges, consents and agrees that the Project Administrators may access, preserve and disclose the Author’s account and registration information and any other Author Content, or information if required to do so by law or if based on a good faith belief that such access, preservation or disclosure is reasonably necessary to (i) comply with the legal process, (ii) enforce this Agreement, (iii) respond to claims that your participation in the Project or any of your Author Content violates the rights of any third party or contravenes any applicable laws or regulations, (iv) respond to the Author’s requests for customer or technical service, or (v) protect the rights, property or personal safety of other Authors or any third parties.
  3. Release.
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  5. Proprietary Rights.
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《旅人∙ 札记》(The Travelers)



李明维‭ (英文名Lee Mingwei,以下称「艺术家」) 和美国华人博物馆(英文简称MOCA,合称「计画管理人」、「我们」或「我们的」)提出一项名为《旅人∙ 札记》的艺术提案。此案为一个社群合作艺术计画,以探索个人旅程为主题,每位作者(「作者」、「您」、「您的」)‬将(i)有机会在艺术家特别设计的札记中亲手写下自身的个人经历(个别及合称作「故事」)提交,(ii)被鼓励在参观美国华人博物馆时收到的札记上写下自身的故事,并将这本札记传给其他可能的作者,每位作者应亲笔写下他们的故事(「计画」)。本计画将累积成艺术家的一个引人发想的装置展览作品。所有故事累积成一百本(100)札记(「作品」)供公开展览和公众观看。


  1. 授权许可. 作者在此授与计画管理人而计画管理人在此接受非专有、免授权金、永久、不可撤销的权利和许可,允许计画管理人为了限于公开展览、促销或募款计画的目的,得全权裁量在任何现有或此后研发的媒体,包括但不限于本网站、任何艺术家拥有和/或管理的网站、社交媒体网站等之上,使用、复制、出版、表演、展示任何作者内容(包括故事整体或部份)或变更其形式和创作衍生作品。为避免疑虑,此处所含之条款并不(a)禁止作者使用、重制、表演、展示呈交给本计画相关的作者内容或(b)限制作者授与第三方权利和许可去使用、复制、表演或展示作者内容。‭
  2. 作者声明和保证.
    1. 作者在此声明、保证并同意他在本计画的参与不应当:
      • 为任何诈骗其他作者或他人的计画之一部份,或有任何其他不法目的;
      • 侵害、或煽动或鼓励他人侵害或违反第三方的著作权、专利、商标、商业机密或其他财产权,包括肖像权、隐私权或任何第三方权利;
      • 虚伪陈述作者或是作者和任何自然人或法人的关系;
      • 违反任何适用之法律、法条、法令或规章条例;
      • 诋毁、毁谤、非法威胁或非法骚扰;
      • 猥亵,或包含或暗示任何色情内容或推销与性相关之产品,宣传露骨的性相关内容或其他对未成年者有害之内容;
      • 煽动以种族、性别、宗教、国籍、残疾、性倾向或年龄为由的歧视;
      • 包含会侵犯任何人隐私、鼓励构成刑事犯罪行为或导致民事责任的材料;或
      • 替计画管理人或他们各自的附属机构造成任何法律责任。
    2. 作者在此声明、保证并同意其作者内容为独家原创,且作者全权负责并在参与计画前已取得及保有与其在本同意书许可下参与本计画所相关的所有著作权、授权、许可和批准。
    3. 计画管理人保留权利针对其全权裁量认定之任何违反,或疑有违反这些声明和保证条款的作者展开调查和采取适当法律行动,包括但不限于向执法单位检举作者。进一步,作者亦承认、许可并同意计画管理人得在下述情况下近用、保留及揭露作者帐号、注册资料、任何作者内容或资料:计画管理人若依法律要求或若依据诚信原则,此近用、保存或公开为合理的需要以‭(i)遵行法律程序,(‬ii)执行同意书,(iii)回应声称您参与此计画或您的任何作者内容侵犯任何第三方的权利或违反任何适用法律或规定等主张,(iv)回应作者请求客服或技术服务,或(v)保障其他作者或任何第三方的权利、财产或人身安全。
  3. 免责.
    1. 您承认并同意虽然计画管理人公开您在本计画的参与内容,计画管理人并不声明或保证您或任何其他作者提供的作者内容。作者进一步承认并同意(i)任何作者对任何作者内容表达的想法及/‬或‭意见并不反映计画管理人之想法及或意见(ii)计画管理人并不参与、不会亦无义务公开支持、参与或协助任何作者之间的沟通和往来,以及(iii)您对任何作者内容的取得、使用或依据需自行承担风险。
    2. 由于计画管理人并不控制、监视、管理或规范您和任何作者间的沟通、交易、活动或往来,若您和任何作者发生任何争议,或因任何和计画有关之任何第三方而受有任何损失,您在此放弃权利并承诺将不会因为任何性质、已知或未知、已察觉或未察觉、可预見与否,或公开或不公开之权利主张、行动、诉求或损害(无论其为直接或间接、特殊、偶然或后果性损害)而对计画管理人、其关联组织、高级职员、董事、雇员、代理人或供应商提出诉讼或权利主张,亦不会要求或提出任何法律行動, 或提出任何法律或行政訴訟 。
  4. 赔偿.

    任何基于或关于(a)您对同意书的侵害和违反和(b)我们对您的作者内容所作的使用,所生之任何及所有权利主张、法律责任、损害、损失、成本花费和支出(包括合理的律师费)(合称「权利主张」),您同意捍卫、赔偿计画管理人、其继受人和受让人、 董事、高级职员、雇员、代理人、授权人、广告商、供应商和营运服务提供商,并免除其相对责任。计画管理人保留权利以自费采取专属抗辩和控制本属作者赔偿责任之任何事务,于该类情况下,您同意就计画管理人对该类权利主张之辩护提供合作。

  5. 财产权.
    1. 作者财产权:每位作者保有对其作者内容之所有权利、所有权和利益,以及其涵盖之所有智慧财产权,且本同意书任一处皆不应被解释为对作者内容或您的任何权利或利益有所限制、损害、妨碍、变更、剥夺或有不利影响。
    2. B计画管理人财产权:计画管理人保有作品之所有权利、所有权和利益,除同意书赋予作者之权利,且为在此提出之适用义务和限制之从属权利外,本同意书任一处不应被解释为对作品、计画管理人的任何权利或其利益、或计画管理人的任何其他智慧财产有所限制、损害、妨碍、变更、剥夺或有不利影响。
  6. 个人资料. 和您个人资料隐私有关的资料收集和使用政策都在本网站的隐私权政策予以阐释。上述隐私权政策以引用之方式在此纳入本同意书,可用于所有目的。我们鼓励您阅读隐私权政策,并据此协助您作适恰决定。作者承认并同意您对所有个人资料的准确性和内容负全责。
  7. 转让. 本同意书和在此赋予的任何权利、授权和特权皆不得由您移转或转让给他人,但得由计画管理人不受限制地且于不告知您之情况下移转或转让他人。
  8. 准据法及其他条款. 本同意书连同附加条例,以及任何以引用之方式在此被纳入本同意书之其他规定、程序、和政策,含盖了您和计画管理人间对本计画的所有认知和同意,并取代任何和本计画及您的参与有关之所有先前或不一致的认知。本同意书不得由口头予以变更或终止。若同意书任何条款被认定为违法 、无效、或无法执行,其他任何条款应不受影响,且同意书应被视作已经修改至足以使之合法、有效且得以执行。任何须维持有效才得以让计画管理人执行其意旨之条例应在本同意书终止后维持有效;然而, 任何因同意书或您对本计画的参与而产生之法律行动, 无论其权利主张之形式或依据为何, 您都不得在该法律行动根据之事由出现逾一年后提出 (若有多项事由则自首件事由出现的日期起算)。在本同意书和与作者参与本计划相关可适用之任何附加条例有冲突之范围下,则以同意书为准据。