How do I get a book?

Visitors are invited to pick up a book at the Museum of Chinese in America at 215 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013. If you cannot come to the museum, and wish to participate, please email your request to

If you know someone who has a book… ask to be the next Traveler!

I have a book! What next?

Welcome, Traveler! You will find a six-digit pass code in the book. Please use this code to log on to project’s companion website at, and sign in your book.

Write your story (about “leaving home” during some point in your life) in the book, and upload your current geographical location (it may not be the same location as your story), and up to 5 images that illustrate the story you’ve written in the book. Once you’ve created an account, you can always login later to edit your photo submission.

Send the book onto someone else to continue the journey. The last Traveler should send the book back to: Museum of Chinese in America, 215 Centre Street, New York, NY10013 by September 12, 2011.

I've missed the September 12, 2011 deadline. What should I do?

Sometimes it takes a little longer to find your way home than anticipated. Please send your book to MOCA even if you've missed the deadline. We cannot guarantee its inclusion in the gallery exhibition, but The Travelers will live on through the website.



札记可在「美国华人博物馆」取得,本馆位于纽约市中央街215号(215 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013)。若你想参加本计划,但无法亲至博物馆,请寄信至 索书。





接著请把札记传送给任一合适人选,让《旅人》继续它的旅程。最后一个书写《旅人》札记者,必须在2011年9月12日前将笔记寄回「美国华人博物馆」,馆址:215 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013 USA。