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Welcome to the companion website of Lee Mingwei’s artist project, The Travelers!

This project was commissioned by MOCA on its 30th anniversary; and was inspired by the epic journey of Chinese to America, and their subsequent journeys as Americans.   This website tracks the location of each of the 100 notebooks that left MOCA to travel around the world for one year beginning on September 22, 2010.

欢迎来到李明维艺术项目《旅人· 札记》附属网站!

在美国华人博物馆庆祝建馆三十周年之时,我们委托李明维创作一个艺术项目,他于是在华人长途跋涉至美国这段英雄史诗般的路程,以及尔后作为美国人的奋斗旅程中找到了《旅人· 札记》的灵感。2010年9月22日,一百本札记自本馆出发,用一年的时间旅行至世界各地。本网站将追踪每本札记所到之处。

Project courtesy of the artist and Lombard Freid Projects, NY